The Artist

"We are who we are because of where we live and the experiences that surround us…and while we often consider art as an afterthought to a building, I feel it should be an integral part of the architectural and functional concept of your space".



Artist C. Paige Bozarth brings her passion for art and nature together through her exotic wildlife pieces, dramatic landscape series and vibrant abstract color studies. Each painting is a direct reflection of her interpretations and observations of the natural world, celebrating its capacity to convey universal concepts of speed, grace, love, happiness and even hostility.


Her paintings help establish a sense of place, a desirable feeling amidst the clutter and confusion of today's society. The subjects of her paintings vary dramatically; a tribute to the diversity of experience that is essential to life.
Originally from Sexsmith Alberta, Cheryl has a degree in Environmental and Conservation Management. Having travelled extensively throughout the National Parks of Canada, USA and Latin America, she departed from her career in Urban Planning to express her interpretations of nature into contemporary art and design. 


Her works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. In the past year she has been showcased throughout much of Alberta, including the Citadel Theatre, the Jubilee Auditorium, Bankers Hall, and through numerous community based projects and exhibits.