The space in which you inhabit: for work, play or simple relaxation should reflect the philosophy of your business and the essence of your spirit. It should inspire you, invigorate you, and feel overwhelmingly inviting to you, your clients and your guests.


C Paige Design Studios specializes in the conceptualization, design and creation of original fine art work for your home, business, or community event. Rather than art being a simple afterthought to a building, it is viewed as an integral part of the architectural and functional concept of your space; complimenting the very essence of who you are and the environment in which you inhabit.

This philosophy in the creation of artwork can be applied not only to your walls but to the many facets of visual design and the creative solutions necessary to enhance your business, event or space. Focusing on attention to detail, strategic planning, and innovation that is truly customized towards your needs, each finished product guarantees a lifetime of quality and aesthetic pleasure.